The MS Tools that Measure What Matters Most

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Businesses thrive when they are able to rectify weaknesses in their performance or double down on successful strategies. Many SMEs still struggle to capture the information that provides these kinds of insights. Some also lack the tools that can simplify this level of reporting. Many of these tools are already included in your Microsoft business subscription; all you need to do is master how to tailor them to Measure What Matters Most for your business.

You can now access our Accelerator webinar recording, with our VCTO Brad Clish, Business Improvement Consultant Rachel Bird, and Operations Director Rad Khader. In this webinar, they showed how Excel, Power BI and other Microsoft business apps can produce a robust reporting pack that:

  • Exposes weaknesses
  • Identifies opportunities and…
  • Empowers you to make confident, data-led decisions

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Radwan Khader

Rachel Bird

Brad Clish