Implementing Microsoft Azure for Success

Best practice design, implementation and cost control

Support your IT guys to do their best job with our easy-to-understand guide to cloud success for business and finance leaders. 

Whether you are...

  • Already operating in Microsoft Azure and looking for improvements or
  • Running in a Citrix or other cloud environment and questioning its suitability for your
    business or
  • At the beginning of your path to the cloud

...this easy-to-understand guide is for you. It includes everything you need to help you and your IT team get the flexibility, high performance and low cost of ownership you expect from the cloud.

Ziptech’s Technical Director, Perry Bowles, summarises and simplifies this enormously complex environment. He arms business leaders with the essential information they need to understand the IT team’s challenges, ask the right questions, learn how the cloud should be optimised for their business, and keep costs down. Referencing real business examples, Perry’s guide also explains how to:

  • Decide whether Citrix or Azure is the better environment for your business
  • Troubleshoot the most common problems
  • Control costs using easy automations and protocols
  • Case studies, best practice frameworks, pro tips and more...

Download the guide today!

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