The Scorecard that Enabled 10% Growth in Tough Economic Times

A Ziptech Webinar with EOS

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Last year at Ziptech, we were able to attribute 10% of our growth and 5% of our profits to a new business scorecard, designed with the help of the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) and built using simple tools from Microsoft. Watch our recent webinar hosted by our CEO Jim Simpson with guest Jason Green, Certified EOS Implementer to find out how we did it.

We covered how to:
  • Create a unique scorecard for your business and make better decisions based on regular data
  • Spot performance trends as they emerge
  • Use data insights to improve growth, productivity, and staff retention

You can fill out the form below to access both the recording, and the complimentary first chapter of the book Traction, the book that began our process of implementing this management framework. 

Jason Green

Jim Simpson