How to Slash Cloud Computing Costs in Under 30 Days

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If your cloud computing costs are on the rise and you don’t know why, our recent webinar is for you.
It’s neither quick nor easy to scrutinise your monthly bill from Microsoft, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult for finance and business leaders to predict and budget for variable cloud computing costs. The reality is, your cloud computing costs are likely to be far too high unless your IT team has five key factors under tight control.

Learn how to cut your cloud costs from the next bill onwards, and the measures that will keep costs down. In this webinar we shared: 

  • The top five reasons costs spiral if left unchecked 
  • The various data storage options that can help you make big savings 
  • The five questions that your IT team need to answer when it comes to cost controls
  • The tools and practices that keep costs low 

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Our Speakers

Jim Simpson

Perry Bowles

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